Ombudsperson for Children

Patricia Muñoz García


Coordination and general editing

Victoria Becerra Osses


Content editing

Claudia Farfán Escobar

Pamela Meléndez Madariaga

Drafting team 

Public Account

Claudia Farfán Escobar 


The participation of children and adolescents: an imperative for the constituent process:

Waleska Abah-Sahada Lues

Gabriel Guzmán Riquelme

Paula Moreno Valenzuela


Review of internal data and secondary sources (overview of childhood and adolescence and children placed in alternative care)

Gabriel Guzmán Riquelme 

Hermann Schwaderer Zúñiga


The first thousand days: situation of the rights of girls and boys aged 0-3 in Chile

Pamela Meléndez Madariaga

Francisca Parra Rebolledo

Collaborator PUC:

María Pía Santelices Álvarez

Marcela Aracena Álvarez

Equipo centro CUIDA 


Situation of rights of children and adolescents under the care of the State 

María José Jara Leiva

Sofía Stutzin Vallejos

Growing up in institutions: early childhood in protection residences and in prisons

María José Jara Leiva

Sofía Stutzin Vallejos


Mapuche children and adolescents: their rights situation in the presence and violence of the police in La Araucanía

Emilia Rivas Lagos

Antonia Rivas Palma (collaborator)
Lorena Rivera Aravena (collaborator)
Víctor Valenzuela Carileo


From legal representation to specialized defense of children and adolescents

María Luisa Montenegro Torres

Emilia Rivas Lagos


Status of compliance with the rights of children and adolescents: an analysis from the public function

Gabriel Guzmán Riquelme
Víctor Osorno Iribarren

Pablo Pizarro Zúñiga 



Paola Femenías Ravanal
Fernanda Vargas Catalán

Francisca Vargas Génova



Jorge Cortés Gallo


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Pablo Moraga Moraga

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Defensoría de la Niñez. 2021. Informe Anual 2021. Derechos humanos de niños, niñas y adolescentes en Chile.

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