Human Rights

Chapter 1:

The first thousand days: situation of the rights of children aged 0-3 in Chile

This chapter presents the results of a diagnostic study on the current state of early childhood in Chile, specifically from birth to three years of age, regarding the effective fulfillment of the human rights of girls and boys.

The chapter addresses a visualization regarding emotional needs, play and social interactions, good care, and protection. In addition, we present a set of strategic indicators, giving an account of the current state of the exercise of rights in Chile in early childhood, comparing them with international standards and with two high rates of well-being in childhood countries, such as Denmark and the Netherlands.

The perception of caregivers regarding the rights of girls and boys in general and of those who care for them concerning their protection and promotion complemented the forgoing.

Chapter summary video

Testimony video: opinion of those who take care of the rights of children

In this chapter, the information about a qualitative survey, carried out through interviews with the main caregivers of girls and boys ages six months to three years, to collect their opinion and experience regarding their caregiving role.

Chapter 1