Children’s Human Rights

The third part consists of six thematic chapters. These address the state of children and adolescents in special vulnerability situations human rights situations (early childhood, under the care of the State and Mapuche), as well as the status of legal representation, offered for children and adolescents and analysis from the public function of the compliance by the State of Chile of the rights of children and adolescents in Chile.

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Children’s Human Rights in Chile

Statistical overview of childhood and adolescence in Chile

Based on a systematization carried out by the Observatory for the Rights of the Ombudsmen for Children, this statistical panorama gives an account of the human rights situation of children and adolescents.

First, characterization of this group is presented; and then continue with the statistical development of three themes. The first is related to the Covid-19 health pandemic; also a panoramic view of the situation of priority groups such as migrant children and adolescents, with disabilities, belonging to indigenous peoples and living on the streets is displayed; to end with the situation of rights in the context of the social outbreak.

Chapter 1

The first thousand days: situation of the rights of children aged 0-3 in Chile

Chapter 2

Situation of rights of children placed in alternative care

Chapter 3

Growing up in institutions: early childhood in non-family residential care and in prisons

Chapter 4

Mapuche children: situation of their rights in the presence and violence of the police in La Araucanía

Chapter 5

From legal representation to specialized defense of the rights of children

Chapter 6

Status of compliance with the rights of children: an analysis from the public function

Part Three: Human Rights